Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers, Acquisitions, Partnerships

WBK Consulting has extensive M&A experience through four management buyouts (with Halder, Carlyle, Ardian and Moonlake) and six add-on acquisitions across Europe, Asia and North America.
Your business will receive an unbiased evaluation of your acquisition opportunities and the underlying business case as well as support throughout the diligence process, especially in areas not defined by spreadsheets (e.g., culture, market landscape, customer service, innovation and product portfolio).

Post Merger Integration

The majority of acquired businesses do not perform in line with diligence estimates and many fail to meet expectations overall. In most cases, the acquirers are too occupied with the everyday operations of their own businesses and fail to integrate the acquired entity properly. WBK Consulting will provide your busines with an actionable plan that allows for the successful integration of all business parts and includes executives and employees. We make sure nothing falls by the wayside.